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Sweets Packaging

We have assembled the largest Sweets packaging technical FAQ library in the world. Written by a team of experts to help you find the most innovative Sweets packaging solution in the market.


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Chewing gum

Bubble gum


Packaging Solutions

for Sweets


A wide range of machines: flow pack horizontal machines, vertical form fill and seal machines, multi-head weighing systems and loading systems that produce aesthetically appealing and robust packages that are ideal also for products having different shapes and dimensions.






Sweets Packaging Primer




I dolciumi confezionati: uno snack semplice, veloce e delizioso

Le tipologie di dolciumi


I dolciumi si dividono in:

    1. Dolciumi di pasticceria
    2. Dolciumi a base di zucchero
      • Caramelle dure
      • Chewing gum
      • Bubble gum
      • Toffee

PFM dedicates Blizzard flow pack to the packaging of sweets, chewing gum and bubble gum.
Blizzard can be used alongside a range of accessories, such as the in-line cutter for bubble gum, the loading disc for round, oval, rectangular and square sweets and the labelling machine for automatic insertion of labels/gadgets, enabling the requirements of such a variegated industry to be met, with production capacities reaching 2000 packages/min for sweets and 1500 packages/min for bubble gum, including those with a label inside.
Up to 140 packages/min of products can also be packaged in multipacks with the use of a Comet type vertical packaging machine and MBP multi head. The Doy Style or Steelo Pack innovative type packages with resealable tabs or zips complete the range offered by PFM.

PFM all’avanguardia nel confezionamento di dolciumi


PFM si è proposta di superare i limiti attuali nella velocità di confezionamento e non solo mantenere, ma anche aumentare, l’efficienza operativa della produzione.

PFM offre quattro sistemi di porzionatura, caricamento automatico e confezionamento in Flow Pack ad elevatissima velocità per caramelle dure, chewing gum, bubble gum e toffee.

Ask us about Sweets packaging. We can help, promise.

We really want to help you. Our Company, PFM has a wide range of dedicated cutting and wrapping lines for the sweets packaging sector. We can develop custom-designed, innovative solutions, including automatic lines. We provide a wide rage of sweets Flow Wrap packaging machinery

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